eBook – Security utility for Linux server

Security utility for Linux server

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This guide will teach you how to secure a server and thus introduce you
to the topics of computer security. How is it important? By definition, a server is
open to the world, so a minimum of security is the most simplistic attacks.
The procedure will be as follows:
presentation of flaws.
presentation of tools to mitigate them.
Of course, I do not do a complete computer security course, this tutorial
is an initiation. To put it simply, it is a like closing the shutters at night.
Material point of view, this is what you will need:
a server with an xBuntu or Debian distribution (for other distributes, the
principle will be the same, but the commands may be different).
a root access (in ssh for example) and a console.
The whole tutorial takes place on the command line in order to be
accessible to all. As you will have to edit files, please make sure you have a
command line file editor (I will personally use nano which is very simple).


Edition 1

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